• About Workforce-Development-Advice.Com

  • How I work:

    At its heart, workforce development means developing the skills and expertise of people in your organisation. Enhancing your workforce skills will improve your organisational capability to deliver new products, services and / or activities, and the capacity to deal with the unexpected.

    Workforce Development Advice enables you as an organisation to innovate and exploit the talent in your most valuable asset – your workforce.

    Starting with your organisation’s Strategic Objectives through to:

    • Recruitment & Selection
    • New staff induction
    • Career Development, and
    • Succession planning

    … here at Workforce Development Advice, I will provide credible, grounded advice and solutions to ‘up-skill’ your workforce with advice based on extensive experience working with and developing national standards in policing, IT, forensic science, office administration, teaching, training and other occupations areas.

     My expertise:

    Over a 25 year period, I have successfully project managed cost effective solutions to organisational training and skills / learning and development issues – developing standards, apprenticeship frameworks, designed and trialled NQF and QCF qualifications within organisations.


     In short, I can help improve your business prospects and performance by:

    If …

    • improving your business bottom line is your primary concern
    • you are worried that your organisation doesn’t have the right skills mix to meet current and up-coming needs, or
    • you need to expand your workforce but are concerned about maintaining business continuity, or
    • you are having cut back your staffing numbers but need to maintain your business capability, or
    • your staff need formal accreditation to meet legal compliance demands

    you need to contact me, Workforce-Development-Advice.Com @ dgcadogan@gmail.com