• Internships


    STEM internWe are seeking more employers to offer paid internships this year. These can be anything from a three month summer placement to a full, year-long internship.

    To ensure your intern adds value to your business, the internship offers more than a standard industrial placement. We’ll provide:

    • An England-wide pool of students who have a real desire to work in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths sectors, to choose your intern from 
    • A clear definition of the responsibilities you and your intern have, both before and during the placement 
    • Useful resources, including development targets for your intern to work towards, best practice guidelines and case studies. 

    The benefits of internships

    Internships are an opportunity to bring young people into your business in a way that’s productive for both of you. By offering an internship, you can:

    • Get a head start in recruiting the most motivated students: internships are effectively a 3 or 12 month interview, giving you the chance to assess the skills and potential of a new recruit in the workplace 
    • Bring enthusiasm and a fresh approach to your business: an intern is a cost-effective way to add an additional resource to your team, and inject new ideas and knowledge 
    • Be part of the solution: employers often say that academic education doesn’t prepare graduates for industry. You can change that, by offering them practical experience now and helping shape the skills of future STEM professionals. 

    Get involved

    To find out more or register your interest in offering an internship, please e-mail wda.dgc@gmail.com