• Working with Sector Skills Councils

  • The fundamental work of Sector Skills Councils is to develop and maintain National Occupational Standards relevant to their employers sector.

    Members of the Alliance of Sector Skills Councils include:


    List of Sector Skills Councils


    In addition to developing and maintaining National Occupational Standards, Sector Skills Councils are tasked with a role in ensuring that national qualifications have got national relevance and meet a genuine national need. If an employer asks for a qualification which has a national dimension, the qualification will need to go through an agree approvals process within the SSC and subsequently be submitted to the national Qualifications and Credit Framework. This additional work to ensure that the qualification meets a national need normally involves the SSC carrying out consultations with the sector and involving occupationally competent and experienced personnel from the sector to assist in the ‘credit and levelling’ process. If approval from the SSC is achieved, the qualification will consist of units of assessment which in their totality will create the qualification.


    Using the QCF – for further information on the structure of qualifications located within the Qualifications and Credit Framework.