• Professional Registers and Professional Bodies

  • If you are a professional in a number of professional occupational areas (e.g. Health, engineering etc) you can apply for registration as a member of the relevant professional body.

    Registration is NOT based on age, years in work or having a degree. It is open to professionals who can demonstrate competence to perform professional work to the necessary standards, and commitment to:

    • Maintain that competence
    • Work within professional codes
    • Participate actively within the profession Depending on your career, you can apply to progress from one category of registration to the next as you move your grade of membership from one to the next.

    The benefits of registration include:

    • Identifying you as having competences that employers value
    • Indicating that your competence and commitment to professionalism have been assessed by other professionals
    • Recognition that you have received education and training that meets the professional body’s UK and international standards for knowledge and experience

    As a result, registrants often find that:

    • It is easier to gain promotion or a new job
    • Their pay compares favourably with non-registered professional and increasingly against other qualified professionals
    • They are more likely to be listened to, whether in the boardroom or the court
    • Their credentials are respected in most parts of the world