• 1 million new technology jobs - ambition

  • Leaders from the world of business, education and government gathered at IBM’s headquarters on London’s Southbank for the official launch of the Tech Partnership on 26 November.

    Employers from all sectors of the UK economy shared their reasons for joining the Tech Partnership, and explained their collective ambition to deliver the skills for a million new digital jobs over the coming decade. The audience also heard from young people who were at school, university or working as apprentices, on how the Tech Partnership is already having an impact and why it is so important for employers to invest in skills.

    Phil Smith, CEO, Cisco UK & Ireland and Chair, the Tech Partnership, said: 

    "We are a growing collaboration of employers, united on a common mission  - to ensure the UK has the skills for growth in the global digital economy. Actively led by many of the most influential figures in the sector, and backed by government, we are implementing a digital skills strategy which is already making a difference. From helping small companies with their training costs, to accrediting high quality training, to inspiring the next generation about tech careers, we are helping businesses and individuals flourish in the digital world."

    "The Tech Partnership is the UK’s vehicle for action on digital skills. It gives us a unique opportunity to bring cohesion and to scale up those activities that can really make a difference. We are open, ambitious and inclusive, sharing information and bringing together our collective energies for maximum effect. We ask everyone involved in digital skills to join in."

    Digital Economy Minister, Ed Vaizey, made two high profile announcements, the new Degree Apprenticeships and new industry-designed short courses, which will both help to increase the flow of talent coming into the tech sector. Supporting the role of employers in changing what people learn, he said: 

    "Digital is pervading every industry and changing so rapidly - so we can't continue doing education in the same way.

    "Degree Apprenticeships are really pioneering with the blending of universities and employers - it’s a world first in education," and added, "new short courses will allow individuals to flourish and will help businesses to grow."