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  • Career Development suite of National Occupational Standards

    The Career Development Institute is reviewing the Career Development suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) after having been awarded guardianship of the NOS in early 2014.

    Since the original NOS were produced in 2011 it has been recognised that the scope of the career development sector is significantly wider than previously defined. It is important that the revised standards cover all parts of the sector and are appropriate for all nations.

    The revised NOS will be used to provide the foundation for a Career Progression Pathway for the wider career development sector across the UK; review and revise existing qualifications; develop new qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks and design and commission continuous professional development (CPD). The Standards are designed to be used by employers to support recruitment, staff appraisal/development and organisational talent management.

  • Consultation: National Standards for Hospitality

    Vocational training is changing and employers are taking the lead in designing professional standards that will set the benchmark for apprenticeships and other industry training.

    This process will allow you to be confident that your staff can work towards an agreed standard of professional competence that meets your business' needs.

    Standards for hospitality and travel supervisors, and managers and chefs are being developed to meet the government's apprenticeship implementation plan. So, if you would like your views to be counted, please follow these two simple steps:

    Step 1: Download this short presentation to find out some of the key facts about the new standards and apprenticeships.

    Step 2: Choose the standards you would like to review and tell us what you think in a short questionnaire that will take no more than five minutes to complete.