Workforce development is an essential part of ensuring the future strength and impact of business organisations wherever the business may be located geographically, culturally, environmentally, socially, or economically; whatever form of organisation it may be – commercial, voluntary, local / central government, retail, manufacturing or service industry.diversityHome_pic

At its heart, workforce development means developing the people in your organisation in a manner that improves the way your organisational capacity to deliver its services and activities. This will include paid workers, volunteers and trustees.e_learning

In the UK, government and industry recognised the need to improve skills to enable the British workforce to compete with overseas business competition. In 1986, the National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ) was established to oversee the development of qualification frameworks based on agreed standards of performance, covering a range of occupational areas. These standards have evolved over time to become what are now known as National Occupational Standards or ‘NOS’.applications_of_nos

This website presents a number of NOS-based tools and solutions to HR / training and development issues.